Club Statement : Robin van Persie decides not to renew his Arsenal contract

July 5th, 2012 link

His decision comes to no surprise as he has postponed to decide on this issue again and again until now.

Of course we will be sad to miss him, but every player looks forward for more glory and general wealth I should say just like how everyone looks for a better life. Perhaps his love for Arsenal is not a bondage good enough for his wealth desire. Although my heart hoped that he renews the contract, but my common sense suggested otherwise. Turns out that real common sense always beats emotional prediction huh??

What we should focus now is how we are gonna rebuild the club. So far we have done well by getting Lucas Podolski and Oliver Giroud, but what I am worried about is our defence which is our Archilies heel . Not a decent good signings was made to reinforce our frail defence so far aside from Vermalaen and Sagna. Our attacking force has been always consistent so far and has scored more than seventy goals every season. However, we conceded an average of forty goals for the last few seasons which worked out as an average of more than one goal in every game (I’m referring to BPL table). We conceded the most goals last season compared to the other teams in top four. Until now we have yet to do something about it and we have been conceding goals in critical times when we should have not. As a team who fights for the title, a strong back four is a must. We should seriously consider reinforcing our defence department. Last season we have seen how City’s strong wall helped them to gain an edge over their rival neighbours United to clinch the title. Had they conceded nine more goals last season, Sir Alex would have the last laugh.

Back to van Persie, I hope he is not going to City just like Nasri does although again my logic sense thinks otherwise. Just like many Gooners do, I really wish that he leaves England and play somewhere else. I thank him for his service for the club. That is all I have got to say.


Arsenal 1-1 Fulham

November 27th, 2011

Arsenal : Vermaelen 82
Fulham : Vermaelen 64 (O.G)

First of all, I would like to send my condolence to Gary Speed, who passed away recently.

I didn’t watch the match but from the highlights, it looked like we were in control of the game as usual, but it was apparent that we were not as sharp as our usual. May be the mid-week UCL game has taken its toll. Fulham players, especially Mark Schwarzer who denied us the win, unfortunately.

Here’re the le’ Boss’s post-match comments.

The positive again is that we have shown exceptional spirit, desire and refusal to lose the game. Many players were on the fringe today and we had not completely digested the Champions League game on Wednesday night. We needed to dig deep.

As usual he did not criticize the players in front of the media. I must admit that the boys are not robots that do not any rest but if mid-week UCL game is a good excuse to draw or lose the UCL game, I would rather have Arsenal out of the UCL so we can concentrate on BPL. I take BPL more seriously than UCL and that’s the case of most of Gooners out there.

Mid-week games are not unusual; in fact it will happen almost every week during Dec-Jan period, especially during the Boxing Day matches.

I believe he (Vermaelen) scored unfortunately [at his own end] – left-footed players many times refuse to play with their right foot. But he has shown enough character to come back and score a great goal. On crosses he is very good, he reads the ball well. Overall he had a very good game.

It’s unfortunate to drop two points today because overall I thought we did enough to win it.

I don’t blame Vermaelen for the own goal; accidents do happen sometimes and overall he did well in his department. His equalizer was fantastic to watch as well and it saved us the embarrassment of losing at own yard. I agree with Boss this time.

on Fulham’s performance…
I don’t blame Fulham. They are in a position where they need points and you can understand that. You have to accept that football is played by human beings and even if you prepare well you can be a bit less sharp. You can drop points against anybody in the League. If you look at the team sheet of Fulham, they are all international players in there, good players. It’s not a shame that you can concede a goal against them.

Overall if you look back at where we came from we have a long unbeaten run and of course we are disappointed because we dropped two points. But I feel we are in a way of improvement and hopefully we can show that again Tuesday night.

Fulham played well against us and again Wenger gave the excuse of mid-week UCL game. I saw this excuse like a thousand times in the article. BPL is a very competitive league and you can drop points against any team. That is why I value BPL title over UCL title. To win BPL title will show that we have brilliancy and most importantly consistency in those brilliancy that I talked about.

If we are going to have our usual player selection policy for the Tuesday game, I would be VERY. SURPRISED. to see us win the “richest” club in the world. May God bless us.


Arsenal vs. Fulham match preview

November 25th, 2011

Here’re the live streams for this match.
2.Oleoletv (not recommended due to various pop-ups)
3.Live Stream Soccer

Please note that I don’t take any responsibility on availability of the live streams above.


It has been a bull trend for us so far. We are the first English team to qualify for UCL knock-out stage so far, we have already won five games in a row in the League, and of course we have the current BPL top scorer roaring on form to keep us in hunt for the UCL spot(I was tempted to say the title, but let’s keep our fingers crossed)

And then when we look at our opponents Fulham, they seem to have a quite poor form so far this season. They have only won two games out of twelve, and they drew and lost five games. With this statistic, they are just above the relegation zone and perhaps a victory in this game will boost their morale quite seriously(I don’t hope for that though).

That is why we should not underestimate our opponents especially when we play in the League. To drop points against any team in BPL is equally costly to our campaign. We must always give our best and keep our momentum going because once it is lost, we may need a long time to recover and that will usually cost us a season.

And now arise the question of reliance of the team on Persie alone. Without him, it looks like we have difficulty to score, although we can dominate the game. In short, he has taken the role of the final killer that we did not have last few seasons. Credits must be given to the likes of Songs, Gervinho and Walcott who did brilliant passes and “breaks” that are equally important towards the process of scoring. Without these breaks, Persie could only stand in the penalty box without the ball to score. How I hope there will be more of these final killers in our squad.

Switching to the other games in BPL this weekend, we have two big games; Man. Utd vs. Newcastle (Saturday) and Liverpool vs. Man. City (Sunday). Can Liverpool break City’s unbeaten record?? Of course I hope so but realistically, I think Liverpool can only get away with a point at best. Chelsea on the other hand will have a good chance of recovering with their home game against the Wolves this weekend. But should they fail to grab the full three points, it will be very disastrous, both to their campaign and morale.


Arsenal 2-1 Dortmond

November 23rd, 2011

Half-time report : Arsenal 1-0 Dortmund

Overall,we dominated the game but somehow we failed to find the “break” to score. Although Dortmund looked dangerous sometimes on the counter-attack, but so far our defense have been doing well so far.

49th minute, Song’ brilliant sneak through Dortmund’s 3 defenders earned him a chance of crossing the ball, and Persie wasted no chance to head that cross into a 1-0 lead by Arsenal.

86th minute, Dortmund’s carelessness in not guarding Persie got punished. Persie just converted an easy cross to make Arsenal lead by 2-0. Arsenal has secured a seat in the knock-out stage.

91st minute, Kagawa’s got Dortmund a consolation goal. However, he scored the goal too lately.


League Report 11/20/11

November 20th, 2011

Here’s the current BPL table (11/20/11)

1Manchester City12111042113134
2Manchester United1292129121729
3Newcastle United127411811725
5Tottenham Hotspur107122115622
8Aston Villa113621615115
14Stoke City123361022-1212
17Wolverhampton W.123271320-711
18Bolton Wanderers123091929-109
19Blackburn Rovers121471627-117
20Wigan Athletic121381023-136

Nothing much has changed at the top-six of the table. City keeps its unbeaten record and the top place as well as the five-points lead over the current runner-up rivals Man Utd. Newcastle on the other hand became the 19th team to lose a game in this season.

The Devils still keeps its campaign hot despite a slim 1-0 win over Swansea on Saturday. Same goes for Arsenal whose side had beaten Norwich side by just a 1-2 margin. I can’t comment much about the Spurs and Aston since they will only play each other on Monday night.

But a lot can be said regarding the Blues and the Reds. Chelsea lost another big game in their own yard. Glen Johnson’s goal in the 87th minute loosens Blue’s grip on their fourth place in the league. It certainly looks like Torres has yet to find his scoring boot for now. In fact, the only thing he did in this weekend’s match was to sit on the bench and watch the Blues plunder again in another decisive match.

Although Red’s victory means that we are not going up the league this weekend, but now the last UCL spot is definitely open to us. In fact, it’s open to us,Liverpool, our bitter rival Spurs, and of course the current holder Chelsea. The league is getting more and more competitive than it already is.

There’s no change in the bottom of the table since the Bolton lost to West Brom and Blackburn stalemated the last-placed Wigan.

Here’s the last weekend fixtures and results.

Norwich C. 1 – 2 Arsenal
Everton 2 – 1 Wolverhampton W.
Manchester C. 3 – 1 Newcastle U.
Stoke C. 2 – 3 Queens Park R.
Sunderland 0 – 0 Fulham
West Bromwich A.2 – 1 Bolton W.
Wigan Athletic 3 – 3 Blackburn R.
Swansea C. 0 – 1 Manchester U.